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Conversational Commerce makes it easy for consumers to communicate with brands from any device, on their own schedule, using natural language to buy things and get things done.

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AI-powered bots

Automate up to 70% of messaging conversations on your website, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp and more.

Messaging Channels

LiveEngage makes it easy for businesses to sell products and answer questions in the world’s most popular messaging channels.


Instead of missing calls or making your consumers wait on hold, give them the option to initiate a messaging conversation when they call you.

Advanced Management

LiveEngage gives agents, bots and managers the toolset needed to ensure the seamless management of messaging operations.

Conversational Commerce solutions

With conversational commerce, brands will begin to shift customer interaction volume from expensive, cumbersome voice and web channels to conversational interfaces, meeting consumers where they’re already comfortable, driving huge efficiencies and high customer satisfaction.

How Conversational Commerce Works

Conversational commerce is defined as the ability to communicate with brands through conversations, from any device, and on consumers’ own schedules. Conversational commerce allows for the use of natural language to buy things or get the answers at any point in the customer journey, whether that be initial inquiries before purchase, help and support after purchase, or renewals or reordering. It requires bots and humans working together in order to deliver at scale.

Why Invest in Conversational Commerce?

Conversational commerce has been adopted by many leading brands. Why this wide adoption? In part, because it both improves employee productivity as well as increases sales conversion, which benefits brands’ top and bottom lines. Significant results have been reported by brands who have gone conversational.

CSAT increases by 20%



50% decrease in agent attrition rates

4X increase in sales conversions

Reduce labor cost per interaction by 50%

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Are You Looking Dive Into Conversational Commerce?

Conversational Commerce Market Analysis

Conversational commerce is on the rise across many different industries, though widespread adoption is still ahead of us. We expect that businesses will increase their use of conversational commerce solutions to interact with customers. This shift will be fueled by the ability for more businesses to connect with the messaging platforms their customers most prefer; industry first-movers showcasing use cases, applications, and business impact; and wider acceptance of using AI and automation to handle customer interactions.

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