Adding Website Chatbot Functionality

Chatbot integration is the website or app that offers a win-win strategy for both the client and business. One of the main reasons to use a ChatBot is to increase business revenue by up to 25% more when you have an impressive UX design. We have gathered all the details required to understand how adding website chatbot functionality will benefit your business.

Main types of chatbots

The chatbot is the main computer app mimicking human behavior during a conversation with a real person. The technology’s complexity depends on what you want clients to experience through your site when you add a ChatBot on your website. The main categories of chatbots fall into the following groups:


The scripted chatbot is the simplest type that allows people to communicate with a set of questions and buttons. The scripted chatbots are the slowest in getting the user the needed desire.


The custom ones have an AI feature with natural language processing and machine learning. These features understand and analyze questions to add to the complexity of the program.

Our custom website chatbot looks and feels natural. It is easy to configure, launch, and deploy because it has simple developmental guidelines. People tend to assume the custom chatbot requires a level of technical AI knowledge. The reality is any business can add a website chatbot without complicated coding skills. Today’s chatbots are not rare or out of reach from the regular marketer and freelancer. Here are simple ways you can get a chatbot platform running in minutes.

Process of adding website chatbot functionality

How to create a ChatBot

Do you want to create a sophisticated chatbot as a shopping assistant or booking agent? Consider making a solution with custom logic and unique features to meet the ideals of the business. You need to hire a development team that will implement proper development services such as custom API to integrate Natural Language Processing. The most common guidelines to install ChatBot on your website include the following:

  • Navigational chatbots
  • Transactional bots
  • FAQ bots
  • Lead generation bots

Developing the platform takes time and money. Developers want to create the right service infrastructure by answering all questions related to the chatbot’s complexity.

Chatbots vary depending on the usage case and industry relevance. The great diversity calls for us to answer the following questions about clever ways to create a ChatBot for your website:

  • What is the primary purpose of the chatbot?
  • Where do you intend to use the feature? Examples are apps, websites, and messengers.
  • What complexity do you prefer on the bot?
  • How many features do you want to include on the chatbot?
  • Do you want to integrate third-party services like payment gateways in connection with the bot?

You will get a clear idea of building the chatbot when you talk to a developer who understands different frameworks. We allow clients to enjoy different interactions with your business by including the kinds of features that reflect your brand and values.

The development team conducts tests to ensure the chatbot is bug-free and has the proper technical maintenance to further your business’s fruitfulness. Talk to us about your particular needs, and let us help you get the right one onto your website.

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Adding Website Chatbot Functionality

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