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Why Choose Us

Entrepreneurs at heart, we’ve been active in the digital realm for over 15 years. Trust and collaboration are a cornerstone of our relationships; we work to develop partnerships with business owners and companies looking to create meaningful customer experience.  Partnering with small business and multi-national organizations, we have helped clients lead their digital, social media, web and mobile development projects in Canada and the USA.  We can bring both experience and knowledge, as well as many years of innovation and success to your initiatives

Chatbot Creation

We used decades of consumer data and a powerful AI-engine to build chatbots with advanced natural language processing capabilities that are easy to implement and customize. The right bot responses for a seamless conversational experience


Messenger Marketing

Messenger Marketing is rapidly changing the way people connect with online businesses. This emerging platform builds your company’s audience with engaging chatbots that deliver personalized experiences to your customers

Digital Strategy

Leveraging our digital expertise, we work with brands to help them develop a digital strategy that helps increase awareness of the brand, creates a positive perception that will ultimately promote brand loyalty to grow customers and increase sales

What to expect from Us

We have a deep understanding of the Digital lifecycle from project inception to completion:

    • Data Science – part gut but mostly data-driven digital experts who believe that customer experience is the new marketing
    • Strategy and marketing campaigns
    • Digital content audit and community development
    • Community growth, management and social media governance

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